Temporary storage is an important logistical necessity, it provides the customer with the ability to support and organize his/her businesses and shipments and distribute or re-ship them, whether it’s in the Sierra Leone or abroad, with high flexibility and lowest costs possible, which gives the ability for individuals to move and travel more comfortably without being constrained commitment and ongoing rents.

TNS Global Logistics provides temporary and long-term storage services for companies and individuals within its warehouses in Sierra Leone, effectively and competitively, with spaces allocated to each client as needed.

At TNS Global Logistics, we apply special packing and packaging techniques for each type of material, whether for storing furniture and decorations, gold, diamonds, antiques, glass and various types of ceramics, and other materials …

We also provide storage services for many goods and commercial products, industrial equipment and building materials, with the possibility of recharging and distribution in the local market in the Sierra Leone or shipping abroad upon your request.

We at TNS Global Logistics are keen to protect and secure your property by storing it in a safe and secured warehousing that contains many storage methods to suit your requests and budgets.

Our customers have the flexibility to choose the storage period (weekly, monthly or yearly), choose the right storage capacity.