TNS Global Logistics is one of the leading customs clearance companies in Sierra Leone.

Through a dedicated team and an extensive knowledge of customs laws and procedures, we ensure you to perform the customs clearance efficiently, effectively and expeditiously in the incoming and outgoing shipments, as well as to ensure that they are delivered to your warehouse in any country of choice. Whatever the shipment is, we have the necessary expertise to deal with all imported materials whether it’s goods, general items, foodstuffs, chemical, medical, electronics and electrical as well as customs clearance services for cars and machines. TNS Global Logistics seeks to be the best option for the importer, through precision in performance and efficiency in the completion of customs transactions at a very competitive price that saves a lot on customers. In addition to the experience in dealing with the competent authorities, we provide a cargo storage service after the completion of the customs clearance process as per the customer’s request.

TNS Global Logistics as a customs clearance agent in Sierra Leone helps its customers prepare all documents related to customs clearance in different parts of the world, as we aim to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

We strive hard to fulfill the requirements and needs in customs clearance service of clients by offering a wide range of services through a dedicated and professional customs clearing team in handling all the inquiry’s promptly at a reasonable price.